About Us

Netbiquity is an internet professional services firm, focused on helping Global 2000 companies leverage the innovative power of the ubiquitous Internet.  The firm focuses on designing, developing and deploying custom web solutions for its clients, with particular expertise in mobile and social networking platforms.

To understand the current positioning of Netbiquity as a next generation Internet Professional Services firm, it is important to understand the evolution of Internet professional services to date.  Since 1994 the digital channel has gone through 3 distinct waves.

First Wave [1994 – 2002]

Simple features and functions extended to customers via the Internet

In the first wave of the Internet, companies invested in developing a presence on the Web via “brochure ware” with simple functions and features.  A plethora of digital services companies and interactive agencies emerged to help extend the brand through this new “channel” – and the Internet was embraced as one of many marketing channels within the overall marketing mix.

Second Wave [2002 – 2008]

Business and technology transformation of the enterprise

During this wave, the enterprise needed to rapidly transform its IT systems and infrastructure to operate more effectively, efficiently – and globally – via the Internet.

Large enterprises began to rely upon their offshore partners and IT services firms to help evolve these technology systems and infrastructure as cost effectively as possible.  Offshore technology services firms that were providing basic maintenance services were best positioned to grow during this next wave.  Thus, firms such as Infosys, Wipro, Tata Consulting Services and Cognizant grew tremendously during this wave and began to evolve their capabilities to compete with firms such as IBM, EDS, Accenture, and other IT business consulting firms. Sapient rapidly built a large off shore development capability in order to continue to compete and survive during this wave.

More modular and manageable solutions were adopted.  Firms began to move away from large enterprise software solutions in favor of leaner and less costly solutions. Better, Faster, Cheaper became the mantra during this wave.

Third Wave [2008 – Present]

The Ubiquitous Internet & the Era of Choice

We are now entering the third phase of digital channel design and development. The challenge of clients, brands and consumers is markedly different today than in 2002.

The digital channel is no longer constrained to just a browser and the inbox. It’s an ever-widening spectrum of screens, services and spaces. Consumers are increasingly sophisticated, with longer tenures online leading to increased expectations about what kind of customer experience they expect from the companies.

A consumer today moves seamlessly from their mobile device, to their computer, to their television, etc. They expect brands will move with them as they engage with a variety of devices in a variety of contexts and settings.

We believe that businesses in the future will be successful when they are able to define, design and develop customer experiences in this ubiquitous world.

Finally, customers are now empowered by choice.  A brand needs to create a compelling value proposition and user experience to compete for that customer’s share of wallet.  The 4 P’s of Product, Place, Price and Promotion must now be seamlessly embedded into a cohesive digital customer experience.